Friday, March 27, 2009

Example of Problem

Recently, here in California, Oakland, to be exact, a young man murdered (allegedly) 4 police officers after a routine traffic stop. The man was 26 and had been in and out of jail/prison for 10 of those years. The Contra Costa Times (a Knight-Ridder newspaper) reported the incident. The story was sickening. There was not one mention of the families that were left behind with a father, husband, brother, etc.

Worse, in the article, the man who allegedly shot and killed the police officers was portrayed as a victim of the "depression" and not being able to get a job. He had an appointment with his parole officer and the P.O. didn't show. The man had a history of violent behavior, rape, car jacking, and theft but none of that was was this guy should be pitied because of the "system". No call for responsible behavior on anyone's part, much less the shooter.

I know he left a family behind too (he was killed in the shooting) and his family mourns him. But to completely dismiss and ignore the heroic police officers who were doing their job and, in doing so, were killed is an atrocity that leaves me speechless.

I might mention here that guns are outlawed in the city of Oakland yet the murder rate continues to climb and gang warfare has not been slowed down one bit. The young man not only had a hand gun but an "assault rifle" (whatever that is) and yet guns are illegal? Unfortunately, the police officers know that the gang members have all the guns, knives and other weapons and do not hesitate to use them if you get in their way or in the middle of their business (accidentally or not).

This is an example of how twisted our culture has become. Paul talks about this time in the bible in the book of Romans where he mentions that right will be wrong and wrong will be right. We glorify a gunman and don't give the hardworking, heroic police officers the time of day.

Fortunately, members of the community honored the slain officers today in a moving service. See the article here. It is sad when anyone's family members truly is. This was senseless killing and a young man will not be around to see his children (if he has any) grow and his parents have outlived him...something no parent wants. But he was NOT a victim, folks. He was a hardened criminal, for whatever reason: environment, drugs, gangs, whatever...and to blame the system is a travesty to both him and the police officers who were killed.

It is time we accept responsibility for our behavior. We have all had childhoods that were less than the best. Every one of us. We have been misunderstood, mistreated by teachers, siblings. That does not give any of us the right to steal, rape or murder another human. When we sin, we sin and we need to admit we have done wrong, learn from it, REPENT (that means turn away from the behavior) and do what is right. No more sympathy for criminals.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to my new blog! TEA

For those of you who are scrappers, you may know me as Digital Art by Steph. I felt compelled to start a political blog since what is happening in our nation is frightening and WE MUST SPEAK OUT! A great movement has started and all over this weekend, there were TEA parties. Thousands were in attendance without ANY media announcement or coverage (a couple of them had one or two reporters in attendance, however). This just shows you how concerned average Americans are with the direction our nation is taking.

Take a look at the photos taken at the event in Orlando yesterday here. Okay, you probably are wondering what is TEA? It means Taxed ENOUGH Already! There are literally hundreds of groups and thousands of members. Check out my Facebook page for the TEA party link there. Although TEA parties have started, the BIG event is April 15, 2009 where at least 1000 parties will be held all over the U.S. in front of city halls. Read here for information about your area.

What struck me the most about the photos is that people were courteous, polite, dedicated but no violence, cursing, shedding clothes (lol) and all had homemade signs. This was a grassroots event and people in attendance are citizens who have never participated in a protest before these events. They are individuals who are horrified at the reckless spending in Washington, angry that Washington is completely ignoring the voters AND the U.S. Constitution and demanding that this madness cease. You'll notice very little media attention since it isn't exactly a liberal event and the corporate bigwigs that run these alphabet television and radio stations don't want YOU, the public to know that the average American IS demanding answers.

Just remember this: during the early days of the birth of our country, the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and who took a stand against the taxation by England were a small minority of the population. Folks, it doesn't take a big percentage to make a difference. Make your voices heard so the President and his minions can't ignore us any more. We want our country back!