Thursday, April 30, 2009

More on Swine Flu hoax

People are simply going nuts about this! Please read this article about the agenda of the media and our government using this fear-mongering about this strain of the flu. An entire school district closed yesterday because ONE student, who arrived here not too long ago from Mexico, has the flu. When I was at the hospital emergency room yesterday with my son (no, not the flu but an ulcer), the nurse told us that if you have this strain of the flu, you are really, really sick: 102 fever, nausea, vomiting, extreme upper respiratory symptoms. In other words, there would be no doubt in your mind that you are SICK! People were coming into the E.R. yesterday with runny noses, for heaven's sakes. You know what this does to those folks who are ill and hurt and need immediate care? They don't get it, that is what!

Use your heads, read common-sense articles and don't let this fear-mongering get to you. If you feel fear about anything, that is NOT God. He has not given us a spirit of fear but a sound mind and love. Think about it....who benefits from this hysteria? Always ask yourself that question.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where is the Church?

I am astounded that the pastors and churches in this country are silent about cultural issues of our day that impact our children, our society and the opinion of the world. Even the small church I attend on occasion has not taken a stand for righteousness. The big churches are silent too. The TV evangelists are not saying a peep. I don't get it - we have been silent for so long that if we don't all get on our knees and repent of our sins, this nation will no longer be protected by the hand of God. We have been silent so long that Congress is on the cusp of shutting us up for good!

Are there any pastors out there calling their Congresspeople and demanding that they vote NO on the bill that will at some time in the future (sooner or later) put those of us who believe the Word of God is the inspired Word of God in jail for believing it, sharing it and reading it? Think I am overreacting? This happened once before, folks. I read somewhere today that those are supporting the bill don't realize that this applies to speech that criticizes Muslims. This could be the beginning of the end where those who are now demanding we stop "hating" them will be forever silenced by the Muslim world.

Please know that I do not "hate" anyone. I do hate bullying behavior. I do hate it when others try to shame people who are "different".

Swine/Mexico flu? Addendum

I just checked my email and I wanted to pass on this information from Brasscheck. I don't have their permission to copy and paste the page so I want to encourage you to read here. I don't always agree with the guy (or gals?) who supply different videos but I have learned so much about our government, about money and the Federal Reserve and just what really goes on. Some of the videos are long and some are short; some are frightening and some are comical but always educational. I encourage you to subscribe to their mailing list. They never, ever, share your email address.

Swine/Mexico flu?

I have to wonder any time the media focuses on one thing and all we hear about over and over the same thing just what are "they" (mainstream media, government, etc.) are hiding from us? What is going on in Congress? What is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan? What other atrocities are being perpetrated under the cover of this hysterical hype about the swine flu (or Mexico flu - whatever)? You see, they have done this before. The O.J. trial, Scott Peterson, 9/11, over and over the media purposely directs our attention to some crisis so that we get all worked up about it and don't keep our eyes on what else is going on.

Just like the hype about the 165 million dollar bonuses that were the outrage of the media and Congress while very quietly the Fed put one trillion dollars in circulation. Thus this made our dollar even weaker than it was. There was not one word about this on television, in the newspapers, on the radio, or in magazines. No, we were directed to think about and rage about the bonuses being paid to the bank executives.

Just as a comparison and reality check here, did you know that 39,000 people die a year from just "ordinary" flu? Did you know that 125 people are killed EVERY DAY in automobile accidents? Do we fuss about any of this? Do we hear these statistics and wring our hands and say "what are we going to do?" or "somebody (read, government) must do something to protect the public!"? No, we don't. There are thousands who die at the hands of their doctors, for heaven's sakes! Do we stress about this? No.

I am literally deleting every email that shouts at me about the dangers and the pandemic proportions of this flu and I refuse to read any articles about it. First of all, God's Word tells me that "no plague or calamity will come near my dwelling" and further, that "a thousand may fall at my right hand and 10,000 at my side, but NO EVIL WILL BEFALL ME!" I choose NOT to live in fear and thus do not choose to listen to the fear-mongers.

I will be researching all that Congress passes in these days of the flu hysteria; reading foreign newspapers to see what our media doesn't want us to know that has happened and you can be sure, we are not being told the important stuff.