Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where is the Church?

I am astounded that the pastors and churches in this country are silent about cultural issues of our day that impact our children, our society and the opinion of the world. Even the small church I attend on occasion has not taken a stand for righteousness. The big churches are silent too. The TV evangelists are not saying a peep. I don't get it - we have been silent for so long that if we don't all get on our knees and repent of our sins, this nation will no longer be protected by the hand of God. We have been silent so long that Congress is on the cusp of shutting us up for good!

Are there any pastors out there calling their Congresspeople and demanding that they vote NO on the bill that will at some time in the future (sooner or later) put those of us who believe the Word of God is the inspired Word of God in jail for believing it, sharing it and reading it? Think I am overreacting? This happened once before, folks. I read somewhere today that those are supporting the bill don't realize that this applies to speech that criticizes Muslims. This could be the beginning of the end where those who are now demanding we stop "hating" them will be forever silenced by the Muslim world.

Please know that I do not "hate" anyone. I do hate bullying behavior. I do hate it when others try to shame people who are "different".

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