Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hate once again

I posted a while back about hate in America and here we are again with this supposed racist cop who was doing his job. Sgt. Crowley answered a call that a house was being burglarized and Professor Gates obviously saw an opportunity to turn the incident into a racist one. Who is the racist here? The police officer was doing his job, protecting private property! He didn't call anyone names; bully, threaten or batter the "intruder" who, incidentally, happened to be the renter, Professor Gates. On top of everything else, our president decides to comment on the incident that he readily admits he knows nothing about! If you didn't know the facts, why did you comment?

If you think that racism is helped by this incident, it is not. It has set back the integration of our society by decades. Rev. Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave at all this travesty. Remember, I lived in the South in the Jim Crow days. I SAW how terrible the blacks were treated there. Now that was as wrong as this incident with Professor Gates except it the black man being the racist! Do you honestly think that a police officer won't hesitate now to answer a call that involves a black family? Who wants the publicity, the lies, the slander? No, this will possibly be disastrous at some point because a white cop hesitates for these very reasons.

I just read an editorial by Thomas Sowell, a black man by the way, who clearly states the problems about our president. He encourages racism, hires those who incite division. He is absolutely the biggest mistake this nation has ever made. He is a hypocrite and has not done one single thing he promised to do. Transparency? None. Allowing us to see the text of proposed legislation? No. Allowing Congress time to READ proposed legislation. No. Making an effort to reduce abortions? Absolutely not - he has done everything possible to increase it. Bringing our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan? Nope. If anything he has increased the troops in Afghanistan. He is scary, folks. We MUST take America back! Stop listening to the feel-good rhetoric. Stop allowing him to hypnotize you when he speaks. Take time to really HEAR what he is saying. If you do, you'll really understand how he doesn't make sense, comes to illogical conclusions and just wants to "soothe" you.

Wake up, folks. Racism is getting worse and none of this will help our country in any way. We are all Americans who want basically the same things: peace, prosperity, freedom, acceptance. If this keeps up, we will all be at each other's throats. Maybe that is what "they" (meaning the 535 members at the top) want?

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