Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey, I don't get this - somebody explain it to me, will you? You ask Obama, Pelosi, Barney Frank and those of that persuasion a question. You are seriously looking for answers and what do you get? You get called names..."un-American", right-wing extremist, domestic terrorist, etc. Why can't you answer questions? Is the truth so horrible, so far to the left, so socialistic that you don't DARE answer?

Glenn Beck has asked questions of late and Obama's supporters have tried to get him off the air! No public debate any more? You just have to agree and spout the party line or you are punished? How about the administration asking fellow citizens to "snitch" on their neighbors if they disagree with policies being pushed on us. What is that about?

You who are doing this are shooting yourselves in the foot! It is no wonder more and more people, your OWN people are now saying they are sorry they voted for Obama, angry that they are being lumped with the "right" or "conservatives". We just want information!! Is that so hard to do? You tell us to read the proposed legislation (when we can find it, that is) and it is mind-numbing and so complicated that NO ONE is going to be able to figure it out, and that includes the people who vote for it! All I see is the more and more of our private lives are going to be micro-managed by government. The government has become more and more codependent and enabling of bad behavior. Self-management is out of the question with the present administration...we can't be trusted to do that!

I understand that some of that is true to a certain extent (not being trusted to act responsibly, I mean) but we, that is we Americans, need to grow up and start taking steps to act morally and honorably, start caring about our neighbors, admitting our wrongs and making them right. We need to end this addiction to our government! It starts with me and you. It starts in the family, then our town, our state and our federal government. Instead we all sit around and blame somebody else and call each other names. We don't have an adult dialog ...we don't answer questions but instead turn it around and make the other person the bad guy. This simply has to stop, folks!

It is no wonder that other countries hate us. I know a lot of people are angry that Obama apologized for America. To some extent, we need to do that. Those who are devout in their religion (whether it is Islam, Buddhist or whatever) are deeply offended by the filth that Hollywood puts out. They think that is us...they think we are ALL like the people portrayed in movies: greedy, sex-crazed, violent, perverted, etc. They don't want our culture influencing theirs and I don't blame them!! Further, we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan - we have worn out our welcome there. We have no business interfering the other country's way of life whether it is to our liking or not. I know that some dictators are brutal but is that really the problem of the U.S.? More importantly, is it following the dictates of the U.S. Constitution? There is nothing in the Constitution that gives us authority to get involved in other countries' business! One thing that I surely don't understand is why we have military bases all over the world? What gives us the right to do that? There are no foreign military bases in our country, now is there? So, yes we DO have some things to apologize for. I know that some of you will be angry that I said that but please give it a thought first about the things I said above.

So, those who are calling others' names, how about answering questions instead? Let us have real dialog and come to some mutual understandings of both our sides. All this name-calling does is create division and hatred. Let's talk.

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  1. Tears are streaming down my face as I read all you have to say. BRAVO!! I am so PROUD, at last, to find a fellow PSP-er take a stand on how they feel. I understand everyone in our great nation won't be a Dem or a Repub, but, we're ALL American's and in this together. There is absolutely no reason why We the People can't talk calmly & intelligently about the issues concerning each American and the current administration.
    Since 'o' became prez, I have lost most of my tagger dem friends due to their YELLING and violent disagreement with me. I don't yell, only state fact. Obviously, they are not bothered by falsehood and simply look the other way. Sad!
    Bless you for taking a stand and,
    GOD bless you and yours and,
    GOD bless America!
    Gloria {Proud conservative Christian & proud American}