Thursday, December 10, 2009

reBlog from Alan Ossege - Give Him Liberty, Well, Give It to All of Us

I found this fascinating quote today:


The argument and offensive strategy is really much simpler; everything that's happening is essentially "unconstitutional"! In other words, we shouldn't get hung up on individual agendas of the Left, because "individual" agendas are nothing more than distractions in large quantities. That being said, everything that is happening is theft of our individual liberties to choose, or defer! And it's happening on a "global" scale.

It's a simple argument; and it's the same argument for most ALL their agenda. 100 arguments for 100 oppressive policies are waaay too watered down. They're ALL robbing me, us, everyone of our LIBERTY! One argument!!! One Rally Cry!!! Denial of our Constitutional Rights...Liberty!

And any politician who votes for ANY of this crap will be targeted by me as someone guilty of "treason"; consciously acting in violation of our Constitution! That is the topic of my soon to be mailed letter to all in the House and Senate.

We have +200 distributors of our products, all with employees, all with customers in the "construction" industry that I will engage in every state by e-mail and broadcast fax with names etc. of our elected leaders who have betrayed the greatest documents ever produced by man...the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and just as importantly...our trust.

NONE of these policy makers have an OUNCE of experience in producing a product, turning a profit, developing competitive 'business strategies", managing personnel, etc, etc; and They're Re-shaping our Future??? Wrong People; Wrong Place; Wrong Time; Wrong Agenda!!!

It ALL comes center focus on our "Constitution" that Obama has stated needs to be "radically re-interpreted"! NO!!! They are ALL out of bounds and I'm threatening them with THAT as traitors!

I am not going to 'proof read' this so I hope my ramblings made some sense. YOU keep going!!! I'm doing what I can with limited "time".

Alan, Alan Ossege - Give Him Liberty, Well, Give It to All of Us, Dec 2009

You should read the whole article.

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