Monday, April 12, 2010

Unsubstantiated Email Forwarding

We have all received emails that warn us to share the email with everyone on our email address book since it is vital that the information get to everyone, right? I have a friend who has stopped sending these to me because 100% of the ones she has sent me were hoaxes and I would provide her with the link on Snopes or Truth or Fiction that stated so. She said she "didn't have time" to check these things out that she received so instead she just forwards them on.
I couldn't put my finger on what the hoax emails trouble me so much. In her case, she knows nothing about computers really and I don't expect her to understand that forwarding false information makes her look bad. But it was more than that that troubled me about it and I had to think about it and pray about it before I got understanding. Most of the emails that I am talking about have to do with government, our president, that sort of other words about people. To me, it is passing a rumor and, even worse, a false one.
The progressives already point their fingers at us for being "extremist", "racist", "tin hat jobs", etc. When we pass on hoaxes, this just adds to their derision of us. Further, it makes us guilty of passing on lies and the Bible is quite clear in the Ten Commandments that bearing false witness is a big no-no to our Lord.
I recently received an email from a gal in one of my graphics groups that was a complete fabrication that only a tiny kernel of truth in it. Our president had said one thing and whoever started the rumor made a huge thing out of it about the military having to get their own medical insurance that simply wasn't true, If anyone would like the link on Truth of Fiction, please email me.
Reading the email would outrage all of us here but it isn't true and to continue to pass it is passing on not just a false rumor but a lie. Folks, we need to appear rational and show the world out there, particularly progressives, that we are not taken in by these false rumors and do the responsible thing and that is check out the information! It literally takes 30 seconds to do it. Simply type in the first few words of the email and do a search, the truth will be revealed! You have the choice to either reply to the sender that it is isn't true and provide the link or just not forward on the email to anyone else. But, please, DO check, verify and be a responsible netizen and Christian Conservative and not forward on false rumors/lies. Remember that is what they are: LIES! Our Lord tells us not to bear false witness or to speak idle chatter.
Yes, there are things we need to share that are terribly important that we take action on but let's not be sidetracked by these hoax emails but do our job of seeking truth here on the internet. It is everywhere if you choose to find it. The truth that is verifiable is bad enough without our adding lies to the mix. Let us show the progressives and citizens out there we walk a higher line and seek limited government, righteousness, truth, holiness and government that is not corrupt but serves "we the people". Thanks for reading.