Thursday, July 29, 2010


I haven't posted here in a long time but feel I need to start doing it more. First, I want to talk about Arizona.
To set the tone here, let me tell you that I took 5 years of Spanish in high school and college. I lived in San Diego while in college and had the chance to talk with professionals from Tia Juana. I not only learned the language but studied the culture, particularly books. I read Don Quixote in Spanish a long time ago for sure but the point I am making is that I have no enmity towards Latinos whatsoever. I am not a racist nor am I afraid of Latinos as is the typical accusation.
My beef, if you will, is that if you want to come here to live and work, then come in the front door not like a thief in the night! Yes, I know it is hard to do and takes too much time and as far as I am concerned, that is what must change in our current immigration system. You are not going to get my respect or sympathy by coming here illegally. I'll be the first one to support you if you are here legitimately!
Our federal government and many of our states are not protecting its citizens. Yes, I know that most of you who come just want to work and make a better life for yourselves. However, there are some of you who are here to murder, rape, steal and generally do whatever law breaking you can do. We currently have an invasion and those in authority are NOT protecting us! How do we know who is who coming across the border? Friend/foe/terrorist? We don't know. The drug cartels are killing each other and us by just being in the area! Do you see why we must first enforce the laws we have then work on a truly comprehensive immigration program? Stop the invasion, Obama and Holder. OBEY the laws! Kudos to Jan Brewer and Sheriff Araipo! I support Arizona and I beg you Latinos to do the right thing.

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