Monday, January 17, 2011


It has been far too long since I have posted in my blog here and I intend to be better at it with the new year. I titled this post "Rhetoric" because that seems to be all we are hearing on the main-stream media and liberal/progressive blogs and sites. You have to know that things are out of control when a fellow citizen is threatened with death because of his/her political opinions.
What happened to civil discourse? What happened to "agreeing that we disagree"? Instead of factual, valid arguments, people resort to name-calling, personal attacks and threats of violence, up to and including death!
We are not all going to agree on anything. That is a broad statement but you know it is true. I can say that the sky is blue and there will be someone, somewhere who'll say it is not quite blue but teal or pink or whatever. That is fine! We are ALL entitled to our opinions. However we are not all entitled to disagree and then brutalize the person we disagree with. We will not accomplish a thing but further division and, most importantly, that division will rip this country apart.
It has already started with the race card being pulled any time a person of color has someone who disagrees with him/her. "You just don't like what I said because I am black, brown, yellow (or whatever!)". How about responding to the disagreement rather than starting down that road? My skin color should have no bearing in an argument or disagreement about political opinions.
Stop and think before you attack someone who disagrees with you. Why are you not coming back with a reasoned argument? Is it because you don't have one or need to think about it? Well, that is fine - you can just say that, can't you? "I am not sure I agree with you but let me think about it" is absolutely an intelligent and appropriate reply but calling the person vile names, using foul language, accusing the person of some ill intention by the statement made is not the way to get your point across at all!
I totally understand that it is very easy to get defensive when you are seemingly attacked but as I told my kids when they were growing up, "it takes two to make an argument" and how are we to improve our relationships and our nation by throwing around the negative stuff?
Think about it.