Thursday, March 31, 2011

Battered Spouse Syndrome

Once again, I seem unable to believe my ears and eyes at the logic and thinking of progressives. I don't know if it was this morning or yesterday morning, but Matt Lauer interviewed Michele Bachmann with regards to the President's actions in sending our military resources to Libya, supposedly to join in with NATO troops. He made this decision unilaterally and, to make matters worse, he was out of the country! So Matt Lauer starts in with Senator Bachmann and, well, you just have to see it:

I could NOT believe my ears!! For some reason I cannot fathom, liberals/progressives think that if we are just nice enough, kind enough, give in enough that our enemies will like us. This is a battered wife syndrome. Having worked in family law for over 20 years, I saw a lot of this syndrome and here is what I saw: a wife gets beaten and the husband tells her it is her fault he hit her. Oh, he apologizes for hitting her, of course....maybe even brings her flowers and/or candy but it is STILL her fault. Besides physical abuse, the batterer verbally and emotionally abuses his/her victim (yes, men are abused too - you just don't hear about it as much due to the feminist movement).
The victim convinces herself/himself that if his/her behavior is perfect, the house immaculate, the children quiet and obedient, etc., the batterer won't abuse him/her. So Matt Lauer suggests that IF al-Qaeda is involved with the rebels in Libya, then maybe our helping will help them see how nice we are? Seriously? No, they won't! Unless we convert to their religion, live under Sharia law, we are infidels and only worthy of death. Why won't folks get that? We can give them money, allow them to treat us badly, and our allies badly, but it will not make a difference. We either convert or die. That simple.
It is a very good question that we need to be asking: who ARE the people rebelling in the streets of Libya? Who is their leader? What are their goals? Who is helping them? Iran? Saudi Arabia? The U.S. cannot jump into every nation's problems. If we are there for "humanitarian reasons", then why did we not help Syria over the weekend? There are atrocities happening all over the world by governments but, truthfully, it is none of our business. It is unconstitutional and on top of it all, we can NOT afford another war!! Our troops who are in places all over the world need to come home and protect our borders not risk their lives for someone else's battle. Innocent citizens are murdered and maimed in this conflict too; just like in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Mr. Obama's campaign promises were that, if he were elected president, he would pull our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in his first year of office. He has not done this. Moreover, he has increased the military presence in Afghanistan!
I am praying that when Congress meets again that the House demand that our troops and military assistance be pulled out and, if Mr. Obama refuses, that Dennis Kuchinich make a motion for impeachment. Mr. Obama is not King Obama and he needs to be reminded of that.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another war?

It has been a while (again) since I have posted here but it was not for lack of topics! There is so much going on in the world and here in our own nation that one knows not where to start. This evening I viewed a You Tube video that I think all of you should listen to and pass on to your friends. Senator Rand Paul (KY) brings up some valid arguments and gives us important items to consider.

The United States cannot afford, first of all, another war. More importantly, sending our military resources to Libya is unconstitutional and our president knows this! I can't really add more to this video without just repeating what he said here. I urge you to pass this video on.
Thanks for reading.